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Jam Session CJBb Pro. January 9th

Monika Zuberova - 16 February, 2021 - 0 comments

Saturday 9th´s evening was originally dedicated to a different program, but unfortunately we had to cancel it and come up quickly with something else. Thanks to our enthusiastic musicians from the Bigband Pro a remarkable Jam session was formed. After the regular rehearsal most of them met up and started to practise and prepare the evening program. They are unstoppable! In a short while they were ready to show up in the “Salón de Parque”. It was a touching evening with an amazing atmosphere.

All the CJBb musicians were present, as well as many of their friends and Clasijazz guests. In the light of candles, everyone was enjoying their drinks and tapas. We were all immersed in the flow of powerful jazz music, delighted in the solos from huge musicians as David Pastor, Tete Leal or Irene Reig. They all showed what they are cut out for.




Texto: Monika Zuberova

Foto y Video: Monika Zuberova


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