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Visit the playroom!

These are happy days for parents at Classijazz, since we have at our disposal the Clasijazz Playroom, of Nordic inspiration, so we can see the concerts relaxed, and having our children only few steps away.

As we opened the new Clasijazz we dedicated a room for this purpose, so that parents could bring their kids along… we even have a baby changer and two hammocks. Also we have the pleasure to present a member of our club, Ana, who’s graduated in Children Education, who will be in charge of the playroom during the concerts and other events.

She’ll carry out activities according to their ages, this way they are at close distance, well attended, and of course, they will get a taste of the concert being exposed to the before and after of the show. This is a fantastic way of introducing them to music and the music scene at such early ages.

A little donation is the only thing we need in order to set this service up. To leave you with a hint of colour, while you are enjoying the music, your kids will be playing around some metres away with toys, fancy dresses, Andersen stories… And the space is soundproofed!!