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How Own Music Bar Rescued Eduardo» (HOMBRE)- Ka2

Source of financing : European Union, Erasmus+ program, Youth sector, Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships for Innovation

Completion date : 30/06/2021 – 29/06/2023

Partner group : Poland (project leader) – FRAZA Association for the Promotion of Musical Culture, Norway – Troms Musikkråd, Spain – Fundación Indaliana para la Música y las Artes, Portugal – Agrupamento de Escolas Henriques Nogueira

Main goal of the project : The project aims to prevent youth unemployment by shaping entrepreneurial attitudes among them and developing creative thinking and action.

Main result of the project: the educational computer game Hit the Buck, available for free download:

  • for Android mobile devices from the Google Play digital store
  • for iOS mobile devices from the AppStore digital store
  • for Mac desktop devices from the MacUpdate and Softpedia digital store
  • for desktop devices running MS Windows from the Microsoft Store digital store

Links to download the game are available from: Hit the Buck! – The Game

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