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What are the advantages of being a member of Clasijazz?

Enjoy our event program with different music genres: jazz, lyrical, flamenco, classic, songwriters or boleros; and of course our jam sessions and our Big Band, Dixieland and FIMA Symphonic Orchestra shows as well.

Clasijazz Live: As a member you have free access to our live channel so that you can watch the concerts in Clasijazz streaming and see all kinds of interviews, talks and classes: all this wonderful content only for your eyes. We also have public content in our  YouTube channel.

Fantastic discounts all year round in our workshops: drums, violin, improvisation, guitar, flamenco, nappy jazz (jazz for babies), creative music for children, production, music language or dance, amongst others.

Tax deductions. More information in this link.

For an extra small fee, you’ll have access to a rehearsal space for your band and assist free to other activities such as the Big band rehearsal, jam sessions, conferencias, masterclasses, etc.

If you have children and don’t want to miss a show, you can leave them in our playroom

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  • If you are already a member of the educational community of Almería Unversity or of the Almeria Music & Dance Conservatory a 50 % discount is applied to your Individual or Young fee, also for family it would be in this case 25 € each month.

Become a member and be part of Clasijazz


You collaborating with us means also helping sustain a project which brings joy to children, young people and all our local community.

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