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Concert of CJBb Pro no 3. January 23rd. Roy Hargrove-Emergence. Feat. Bruno Calvo

Monika Zuberova - 19 February, 2021 - 0 comments

The third repertoire of our BigBand was under management of Bruno Calvo, the trompetista of BigBand. He had been leading all rehearsals and from the begging the musicians knew that this repertoire was far from easy but impressive.

Bruno also added beautiful sólo parts and the program also contained parts for voice, which took over Paula Bílá. Unfortunately, this concert was only trasmited online because the situation with the pandemic kept going worse and the concert had to start already at 16:00. The paid Youtube access was then open until Monday morning, so that our listeners could enjoy it any time during the weekend.

Nevertheless, it was again a great event, with profesional quality of interpretation and music experience. Thanks to the presence of Pietro, a cameraman, we also have amazing captures from the rehearsal before the concert. From that day we have been enhancing the quality of online content and preparing a lot of new stuff for music lovers.

Trumpet Solista: Bruno Calvo 
Pep Garau
Pepe Zaragoza
José Carlos Hernández
David Galera
Tomeu Garcias
Rita Payés
Fernando Brox
José Diego Sarabia
Victor Jiménez
Mike Fletcher
Enrique Oliver
Dani Torres
Irene Reig
Piano: Daahoud Salim
Guitar: Peter Connolly
Bass: Bori Albero
Drums: Andreu Pitarch

Text: Monika Zuberova

Foto and Video: Monika Zuberova

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