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First Thematic Class with Peter Connolly, February 7th

Monika Zuberova - 5 March, 2021 - 0 comments

In the morning the first thematic class with a musician from the BigBand took place in the Clasijazz Studio. The first one was Peter Connolly from Valmuz Group who prepared an interesting content for all guitar lovers and students. Preparing everything for a successful direct steaming on Clasijazz Youtube took a lot of time and work, but in the end everything went without any troubles.

For this new streaming format, the team composed by Diego the master of sound and Pietro the cameraman, had to work hard during these hours. The class consisted on a first part of content explanation, leaving the last 15 or 20 minutes for the online students to ask specific questions. Students had the opportunity to follow it live, but as well they had the opportunity to buy it on the Clasijazz Website where will be posted for sell.

Text: Monika Zuberova

Fotos: Monika Zuberova

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